A different perception of theism

When did theism start? Well answer to this question lies in the archaic mythologies of different countries and religions that evolved through these beliefs and myths. But one common thing was found among these mythologies; that was nature. Since the prehistoric times, people have been worshipping nature in one form or the other. This has always been an indication of the universe being the supreme soul.

Let’s understand it in this way. We know that we are made up of only those elements that exist in the universe physically. At the same time, we are told that after death our soul combines with the premier one in the end spiritually. I think this can be one of the implicit explanations about the universe is God. We are made up of the universe and gets engraved in the universe itself.

All the energies that drive living beings to make decisions are not souls but the extreme desires in our subconscious minds. The universe has its way of processing itself in a very charismatic or let’s say supernaturally. The very own desires and actions that become our choices later are nothing but the supernatural power of the universe. And hence, its the God who makes us do things and we have a life as per the intensity of our desires.

There are many theories about the existence of God. Science too proved this actuality with the discovery of god particle. But what if these particles are the medium for the universe to operate all its containments centrally. What if the universe has its intellect to preside every galactic element. And what if our beliefs and being pieties of nature are magnifying the forces of universe intensively. The answers to these what-ifs subsist in this macrocosm itself obscuring behind the undiscovered realities.

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